The lush green rolling hills east of Oxford, Mississippi – the literary inspiration of William Falkner, John Grisham and others was the backdrop for Bess and Peter Kruger’s wedding celebration.

A stately, classically designed plantation style mansion was the setting for both the marriage ceremony and the following reception. It’s sixteen foot ceilings, crown molding and sparking chandeliers were inspiration for Bess’s wedding cake.

Height, reflection and color scheme were my primary design elements that directed my vision for Bess’ cake. It needed to be tall so it would be the focal point for the spacious room in which it was to be presented. Bess was using shades of citrus-y yellow with silver accents for her color palette and with an evening reception I immediately felt the cake needed some shimmery reflective details but wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to work that aspect into the overall design.

As Bess’ wedding plans unfolded and several site visits later -to check out the size of the room and lighting conditions- the final vision for her cake emerged. We agreed on using alternating round and hexagonal shaped tiers as the basic architectural structure of her cake. The traditional round shape was updated by using the hexagonal. The two shapes also added more visual complexity to the overall design. 

A silky ivory colored buttercream icing was chosen as the cake covering with fresh flowers in the same colors as the bridesmaid’s bouquets to finish the top and edges of the cake. I suggested using sugar pearl accents on the flat sides of the hexagon tiers and glittery silver sugar leaves at the base of each tier. Randomly placing a few whimsical peals on fine floral wire amongst the flowers added some movement as well as a subtle playful note reflecting the bride and groom’s demeanor.

As the evening skies turned lavender and the candlelight cast a warm glow inside the plantation’s rooms the wedding guests enjoyed the double vanilla cake layered with raspberry preserves and lemoncello buttercream.

For Bess’s bridesmaids luncheon we decided have lot’s of fun. Two tiered funfetti miniature wedding cakes on mini white porcelain cake stands were the place markers for each bridesmaid. Three pastel colored pearls topped each tiered cake. Pearls are de riguer for every Southern bride whether traditional or contemporary.