Early Summer in the Deep South 

At our first meeting, I was impressed by Emily’s authentic sense of self. We were scheduled to meet at a local coffee shop..  Emily arrived in her running shorts and shoes looking completely at ease with her self and ready to discuss her upcoming wedding plans. 

Our conversation initially focused on Emily’s dress then moved on to the flowers she wanted to use, the time of day her wedding celebration was going to be held, the quality of light at the time of day and what foods would be served at the reception.

Emily loved the scent of lavender and hoped to use it in some way at the reception.Through out our conversation, Emily’s sense of natural ease continued to emerge making the design process easy and spontaneous.

Fresh lavender became the primary design ingredient outside and inside. The cake would be circled with fresh lavender wreaths at the base of each tier.  My pantry had a jar of Tuscan lavender honey that was begging for a place in one of my cakes.

My next step was to get into my kitchen and bake. A few layers of my double vanilla butter cake and a batch of Meyer lemon curd, I started working on a new version of lavender honey scented buttercream. After layering the trio of flavors and textures, I delivered the tasting cake to Emily and Tyler. They loved it.

On the day of the wedding, I began weaving the fresh lavender into wreaths and wrapping them around the tiers of the cake.  As I worked the lavender scent began to fill my studio. The aroma was ethereal and intoxicating. I loved the idea of incorporating all of the senses to enjoy this cake.

After the cake was set up at the reception, the room began to fill with scent of Lavender extending a welcoming invitation to Emily and Tyler’s guests.