Flashback 2000 years.... you and your betrothed are standing in a field, surrounded by family and friends, celebrating your union. Historically, wedding celebrations symbolized the union of two families- ensuring prosperity, fertility and health. The ritual of the wedding cake had it’s humble beginning as a hard, circular, and flat loaf of wheat bread held above the wedding couple’s heads and crumbled, showering them with wheat. Wheat was the most valued commodity and symbol of fertility,  prosperity and health and representative of Demeter, the Greek goddess of fertility and abundance. The cake crumbling ritual was singular in its prominence in the ceremony of marriage. There were no photographers, florists or caterers contributing their talents to the celebration.


As Western civilization expanded its boundaries both cultural and religious –so did the celebration of marriage and its rituals. In the Middle Ages, wedding celebrations continue to formalize the merging of two families, increasing land holdings, ensuring the continuation of the family name and hopes for abundant health. All your guests bring a round loaf of sweet wheat bread to stack on the communal table. Here begins the tradition of “the stacked tiers of cake.”  The wedding couple’s kiss over the stacked breads sealed the deal, ensuring the prosperity, health of longevity of both families. That is a powerful kiss.

The wedding celebration cake ritual continues on into the 18th and 19th century. Surviving wars, plagues and invasions, the survival of wedding traditions and their rituals continues. Economics began to influence how families and couples celebrate their union. The cake began to emerge as a status symbol. Cost of ingredients like sugar set social classes apart. The more costly ingredients being reserved for the very wealthy laid the foundation for the white multi tiered decorated sugary confection now recognized as THE WEDDING CAKE.  It’s historic journey now taking on a new layer of symbolism – social status. 

In the present day, you chose your dress, the venue, florist and photographer with the upmost care. Your cake- the ritual element that has journeyed through centuries stands as a representation of you and your partner, the joining of two families as a symbol of your hopes  for fidelity, happiness and abundance for the rest of your lives together.

Drawing my inspiration from the cakes’ original inception, I choose to design and create cakes with the intention of celebrating the uniting of two people and families. Getting to know each couple's love story and the friends and families that are included in those stories are my inspiration for each individual cake.

The secret ingredient in my cakes is not the butter, sugar flour or the eggs but the honoring of the couple’s place in the long history of wedding celebrations... the un-bottled ingredient is love. It the sweet intention that flavors everything else.